Dear You

Dear You,

The only person to which I have something to prove is me. And it is that I can be a better person today, than I was yesterday.

I learnt, quite early in life, that some things are more important than money. Loyalty is one of them. My loyalty is never for sale. It doesn’t belong to the highest bidder. If you earn my loyalty, you most likely have it for life – except you fuck up big time.

Woman, if I tell you I love you, I actually do. Don’t have doubts. In fact, at that point, you’ll do well to find one, on this earth, who loves you more.

Two words I don’t just throw around are “love” and “friend.” So, if I call you my friend – you are my friend. And you have my loyalty too.

I am human, therefore I am imperfect. If I mess up, and you have the courage to tell me, please do. I may not be very pleased to hear it but that is the best gift you can give me at that moment.

Life is very short. That means I take satisfaction in the little things, not the extravagant ones. So, don’t be shocked to see me choose to attend a newborn’s naming ceremony with only a few people in attendance over showing my face at the talk-of-the-town wedding.

How you choose to see me is entirely your business. So, don’t expect me to look, talk, walk, smile, write or love in a certain way to please you or gain your approval. I will continue to take pictures, and make weird faces in them. I will continue to laugh long and hard at silly jokes. I will continue to choose to sit at unusual places, or eat with my left hand in public.

I am not an attention seeker. That is why I chose a profession which does not demand my face in exchange for success. I am shy too. Very shy. So, if I do not say hi – when I pass – it is not because I am arrogant neither am I disrespecting you.

If I don’t like you, you don’t need a dictionary or a scientific calculator to know. You will see it. On my face when I look at you. Or hear it. In my voice when I speak to you. I’m not exceptional at hiding my emotions.

I respect all but fear none. So, if you give me a damn good reason to, I can ask you to fuck off out of my life without blinking, regardless of who you are.

That’s enough rant about me in one day. I’m off to bed.




(A not-so-accurate translation of K-BLAQ’s “Ale Buruku Esu Gb’omi Mu”)

At a time I was certain was 8pm [a mosquito in my room never misses biting me at exactly that time of the night]
I felt a sudden urge, and no…it wasn’t THAT one!
This one was hunger
Insatiable hunger for ebola-infested fruit bats or bush meat
At first, I thought it was the devil’s work
But the thought of setting the noble record of being the first person in my family to ‘catch’ ebola was too appealing for me to ignore
I got up and went in search of those special species…

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