[a loose adaptation of K-Baq’s MARASÁKÀ!]


JASPER: Abeg, who dey sing Awilo?
PASSENGER 1: [chuckles] Awilo Logomba?
JASPER: [raises voice] I say who dey sing?! Who dey mime dat Awilosong?
WOMAN: Bros, nobody dey sing. Or shey na dat baba wey dey snore close to the window U dey talk?
JASPER: Driver, abeg off dat radio… e too loud.
DRIVER: Radio? You get ebola? Abi na for wia U dey hear radio? Abeg my people, I on radio?
PASSENGERS: No oh!JASPER: Who come dey sing? Make the person talk now o, or I go tell dat Oga LASTMA wey dey pass traffic. [pause] Haaaa… abeg make una no vex. Sorry. I don forget. Na the expired claro wey Danger give me wan turn my head. And I don tell am say I no like expired claro. Anytime wey I smoke the tin, na so so Project Fame dem go dey do inside my head. And I warn Danger say if him continue, I go report am to Madam Dora…
MAN: Bros, which Dora? The one wey don die? Or the one wey dem never born?
JASPER: Madam Dora don die? [laughs] Na lie jor. Today no be April fool. The person wey I still see for my dream on Saturday night. [A few passengers shake their heads] Make una wait! I say wait!!! [Everybody is silent. They stare at him]
JASPER: Dem don change the song. Na C. Ronaldo dey sing now. That song wey him sing with Asa! Madam, come hear. [He pulls WOMAN’s head close to his]
WOMAN: God have mercy! How person go dey smoke for early momo on Monday?
JASPER: Dem no teach you about breakfast for school? Abi U be disliterate?
WOMAN: Hahahahaha… na misliterate dis one dey call disliterate! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
JASPER: Na me dis woman dey take laugh? Dem never use bottle shave your bear bear before?
WOMAN: Bear bear? I be woman o! [Laughs even harder]
JASPER: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. Dis song too loud!!! Abeg who get earpiece?
ME: Bros, abeg you too dey shout.
JASPER: Who talk? Wait! So na man siddon for dia since? Me I think say na the driver carry him baby put for him side. Why U come short like water bottle like dis? Your papa na Akin and Paw Paw?
ME: Akin and Paw Paw ko, Agbaje and Agbalumo ni!
JASPER: ABEG WHERE THE REMOTE? MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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