CONversations in Aso: ‘after the return’

GOODLUCK: Now that His Excellency is back, what next?
TURAI: What kind of foolish question is that? My husband has always been in charge.
GOODLUCK: But, the senate pronounced me Acting President…
TURAI: And so what? Acting is for make-belief, Umaru is for real life. If you prove stubborn, we will send you back to Bayelsa

GOODLUCK: And I’ll send the creek boys here to send him back to Saudi!
TURAI:[gasps] Ah!…
GOODLUCK: Yes! Sebi you think you can threaten me,abi?
AKUNYILI:[bursts in] Excuse me sir. My ministry will be needing N5.4bn to carry on with our rebranding efforts.
GOODLUCK: Which do you want to rebrand? Our bed-ridden president or his power-greedy wife?
TURAI:[visibly incensed] Em… Dora, excuse us. Jonathan, I’ll make sure you regret this.
[Physician bursts in]
PHYSICIAN: Madam, Oga don dey convulse again!

…to be continued


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